a new era of building in public 🏝

Come join the messiness and let's play!

What’s poppin’ world? This pilot post allows me to come home at any time and remind myself of what the vision for Sam’s Sandbox is: to indulge, to imagine, and to inspire.

The sandbox has a special place in my heart for being a place of great learning, wonder, and most importantly, fun. As I mature into the forest of adulthood, I find myself increasingly enamoured by the idea of empowering my past childhood persona. Whether related to product strategy, mental models, or life philosophies, I aim to ground any of my custom creations with three key parts of the Sandbox Manifesto:

  1. Messy is good.

  2. Imagination is the greatest asset.

  3. Play is the work.

People may come and go, toys might be dropped and forgotten, and the world will move and evolve, but one constant remains true: I love play.

Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll have as much fun here as I will.