Hey, I’m Sam and welcome to my sandbox! 🙌

Hailing from the beautiful West coast of Vancouver 🇨🇦, my main aim in life is to create meaningful experiences for others. Using flavourful adjectives to describe me: perpetually curious, continuously energized, and chaotically inspired, with storytelling as my rocket fuel. Hopefully, my spontaneous stint in improv comedy will stimulate a laugh or two.

Okay that makes sense, but what’s this sandbox concept?

sam’s sandbox is an open space of my budding ideas, thoughts, and musings - fuelled with an active mindset of stitching together patterns, entertaining unconventional connections, and combining things that aren’t supposed to be combined. Just like a keen kid would. 👶

There are two definitions of “sandbox” that are relevant here: a literal pit of sand that cheerful children frolic in, and the software engineering concept, i.e. a testing environment that enables experimentation of code-in-progress. Both are entirely accurate representations of the type of content you should expect to find here.

You’ll find themes primarily about productizing wellness and supercharging personal development, but like any sandbox, the magic is largely dictated by the people who commit to playing in it. ✨

I would love to hear your feedback and have you join my early journey of building in public!